Ahhh, the Single Life...


Think back to those peaceful days, back when you were single.  For some of you, it wasn't that long ago.  For me...well, it's been about 10 years since I didn't have a hanger-on of some sort.  Did you do anything special with your spare time?  Shopping?  Late night movie marathons?  Early mornings at the coffee shop?

For me, it was people watching.  I used to LOVE to go to the library or local bookstore and pretend to browse, but really I just wanted to scope out the people.  I loved to check out their clothes and hair and wonder where they'd been and where they were headed next.  Or, I'd sit on a bench in the shade at our local college and just relax.  I had a cute little rental house that was only one block from the campus, so it was a perfect afternoon activity to just hang out over there and watch the students scurry by.

These days, those memories are nothing but that...memories.  It was before kids, before I had a husband, and a job, and a mortgage, and a....ugh, let's just stop there.  So, take a second and share with us what your guilty pleasure was (or, if you're lucky, still is).
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1 Response to Ahhh, the Single Life...

January 4, 2011 at 8:56 PM

Such a fun topic! My single habit was to shower until I ran out of hot water!

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